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Advertise Information

How To Make now offers advertising possibilities for qualified advertisers. Please check the following details to identify the most suitable option for your business.

How To Make has an audience that is eager to find answers and solutions to their pressing questions. Unlike visitors to news websites (including niche ones), the How To Make audience knows precisely what they need and is ready to take action immediately. This active audience can be more valuable for your business. Click-throughs and purchases may be more active than usual.

How To Make audience can be divided into two main types:

The first type is people who want to find an answer or instruction to solve their specific problem. For example: How to create a resume? This audience will be interested in advertising ready-made and effective solutions for their problem. For instance, they will definitely be interested in a service or online tool for creating a resume.

The second type is people with a more complex, comprehensive problem. They might be interested in, for example, the task of making money online. This audience is prepared to consider various offers directly or indirectly helping them achieve their goal. Unlike the first type, where users want a solution/answer "right here and now" (promising quick conversions), the second type of audience is more selective but may return to the advertiser's product even after a long time.

Advertising Opportunities

How To Make offers banner advertising and placement of sponsored/guest posts.

Banner Advertising

Kindly be aware that we have a restricted quantity of advertising banner slots available each month. Currently, we have two banner positions available for your advertisement:

Vertical Banner - 300 x 450 px (Red)
Pop-Under - 720 x 300 px (Green)

These are large banners that are highly visible and have ample size for advertising any products or services. Learn about the cost and terms of banner advertising through the contact forms below.

Sponsored Posts

Our editors can create an article or guide providing a solution to a problem using your product or service. You can also provide us with ready-made content, and we will publish it in the appropriate section.

Among the advantages of placing sponsored posts on How To Make:


How To Make does not work with topics such as Adults, CBD, Casino, or Betting. We also do not accept articles created using AI software. All accepted guest posts must be of proper quality and written by experts in their niche.

You can get more details about pricing by sending a request through the forms below:

Advertising Request

Please provide us with more details, and we will find the best offer for you.