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Thank you for expressing interest in How To Make. We are indeed interested in expert content from contributors. If you are an expert in any niche, you can become an author on How To Make and publish your content on our platform.

One of the main missions of How To Make is to gather a community of experts to provide readers with useful information for solving various tasks. All published content is characterized by exceptional usefulness and relevance. At the same time, How To Make covers a wide range of topic categories - from using Excel to developing an online store or starting a business from scratch. You can explore all available categories by visiting the Home page.

We strictly avoid topics such as Casino, CBD, Betting, and Adults. However, we are open to any materials about starting a business and making money. You can also suggest other topics and categories that are not yet represented on our site.

Authors we do not need:
  • Those who pass off AI-generated content as their own.
  • Those who are not experts and do not have relevant knowledge in the subject matter.
  • Those who publish content with the purpose of obtaining backlinks. We welcome the placement of links to authoritative sources, but no more than that.
Authors we dream of:
  • Those who are experts in their niche.
  • Those who write in a simple and understandable language.
  • Those who create content independently without relying on AI software.
  • Those with a sense of humor :)

Instead of Guidelines

How To Make has no preferences regarding your place of residence, gender, skin color, or anything similar. Your knowledge, experience, and ability to express your thoughts well are your main arguments for becoming an author on How To Make.

How To Make also has no requirements (or restrictions) on the number of published articles. However, we prefer to focus on quality rather than quantity.

To apply, please fill out the forms located below. Since we cannot interview every potential contributor, the information you provide is our only comprehensive source of knowledge about you. Therefore, we would appreciate it if you could showcase your best publications on the topic you would like to write for us.


Don't send us dozens of links to your articles and guides. Limit yourself to the top three best of the best. They can be published on your own blog,, or any other website.

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