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How to Make a Funny Meme in Photoshop - In Just 6 Simple Steps

Creating a funny meme might seem simpler than it actually is. Learn how to make a genuinely funny meme in Adobe Photoshop in six steps - from selecting the image to saving the finished meme.

By | Last updated March 20, 2024, 1:33 p.m.

Meme in its broadest sense is a funny image with text. Consider an image meme for example. Such a meme would involve an image with a text in its header and footer. The text can be anything quirky or sarcastic and needs to have a relation to the image. Basically, the text describes the image. The text also needs to be relatable to the viewer. Some memes have an image of a person giving a stereotypical expression. At such times you can start the meme by saying, "The face you make..." – (this will be in the header) and end with a one-liner on when we make such a face (in the footer).

Making a meme will require you to have a unique viewpoint on things. You will need to have a good knowledge about current events a nd be ab le to turn that knowledge into somethi ng hilarious. The trick most people use is to make some thing relatable. Thi s brings us to the next question.

What makes memes so popular?

The science behind a meme is what makes it popular. We don't seem to be letting go of the "science behind a meme” phrase. This is because it requires a good amount of research to make a popular meme. As we said earlier, having a knowledge about current events is very important. After that comes the science of turning that knowledge into a joke. People use sarcasm and just a witty one-liner and that usually does the trick.

Almost everyone in the world uses the internet and that means almost everyone has come across a meme even if they didn't realize it was one. That means your audience is huge. Therefore, how you cater to them is entirely your choice. If you want to post a meme for your college colleagues, then selecting a topic that they can relate to should work. However, if you want to post a meme that everyone can relate to, then you will need to know what's trending and avoid making memes on your neighbor's cat.

On a side note, cats make amazing memes. Don't ask us how, but if you make a meme about a cat, it's bound to draw attention. It's the "jen ae sais quoi" that cats possess, something maybe the Egyptians knew off. Whatever it is, if you ever run out of meme ideas, make a cat meme, it almost always works, the grumpy cat es pecially. So, how do you know what pictures to use?

Which pictures are ideal for creating funny memes?

In order to make funny memes, you need to know your memes. Among the millions of memes out there, these are a few of the general category ones that are used often.

how to create a funny meme in Photoshop

Confession Bear

As the name suggests this meme is about confessing your wrongs to the world for no reason at all. If you're confused as to why that is, then you shouldn't be making memes.

how to create a funny meme in Photoshop

Actual Advice Mallard

This meme, believe it or not, is used to give advice that other people can utilize. Now isn't that nice?

create a meme in Adobe Photoshop

Socially Awesome Awkward Penguin and vice versa

You use this meme to talk about something that started of really awesome but ended up being awkward. This can also be written the other way round.

create a meme in Adobe Photoshop

Success Kid

This meme can be used to describe something you did that had a positive outcome. It doesn't even have to be intentional as long as it was successful. For example, the header can read: Tried flipping an omelet. Then the footer would say: Nailed it.

how to make a meme in Adobe Photoshop

Pissed of Picard

Whats a meme without a little swearing right? This meme can be used to describe the things that annoy you or leave you perplexed. With this meme, you can be as sarcastic as you like.

how to make a meme in Adobe Photoshop

Pissed of Picard

This meme is for one of those times where you have to sit through a socially awkward situation caused by someone else. Think, going out on a blind date who was, unfortunately, suffering from constipation. You get the point.

Something really interesting about the meme community is how you would end a really long meme. For some unknown, really ancient reason just like that of the cats, every long meme has to end with a picture of a potato. If you don't do that, you aren't a true memer.

Other things to consider

It is really important to identify your audience. When you make a decision on whom the meme is for, you can easily find a picture that works. Apart from the standard memes out there, Google is full of images you can use to test your creativity. Type keywords in the Google search and you are sure to find a picture that works for your idea.

How to make a meme in Adobe Photoshop - Step by Step Guide

Up until now, we saw what memes are, what makes them popular and how to choose the right picture for your meme. However, what is the point if you can't make a meme? Although there are many websites out there that can let you make your own meme, there is just something unique about having control over every aspect of the design. Photoshop gives you that privilege.

If you use Photoshop or even if you don't, this guide should help you how to make a funny meme easily.

how to make a funny meme in Photoshop

Step 1

Google search your meme or visit any meme website. We'll search for the Awkward Situation Seal meme.
Once you found your meme, download it and keep it ready to open it with Photoshop.

how to make a meme in Adobe Photoshop

Step 2

The file option in the tool bar will have the “open” option. You can use that to open the image of the meme you just downloaded.

make a meme in Adobe Photoshop

Step 3

Find the file in the folder you've placed it in. Once you click on open, here is how the opened meme file in would look in photoshop.

how to create a funny meme in Photoshop

Once you click on open, here is how the opened meme file in would look in photoshop.

how to create a meme in Adobe Photoshop

Step 4

Our next step is to find the text tool and create a text that would suit the meme. The next picture shows you where you can find the text tool.

create a meme in Adobe Photoshop

Once you've located the text tool, click it and the tool will get activated. Click the picture to create a new layer where you can start writing the header and the footer of the meme. Here's how that would look.

Create a text based on the meme you've picked. This is the awkward seal meme, so naturally the text choice in the meme would be of an awkward one. We're sure you can come up with something better than what we did. Give it a shot when you have the time. With this you have created your meme.

how to make a funny meme in Photoshop

Step 5

Save the file. This won't be the first time you have saved something on your PC or lapton. The saving process is the same, just click file and then save as. When it comes to memes though, you will have select a specific format. A JPEG is usually the best file format.

how to make a funny meme in Photoshop

Once you've located the JPEG file format, you will need to save it. Select the desired folder that you want to save the meme in. After this, Photoshop asks you to set the quality of the image once you click on save. Here's the setting for the best quality.

After you've made the adjustments, click on okay. The file will save in the selected folder.

make a meme in Adobe Photoshop

Step 6

Stare in happiness at your creation.

So, you have now successfully created your meme. Now what? Well, you could keep it in your personal stash of memes and laugh at your own jokes (you don't want to do that, it screams “loner”) or you could post it on the internet. The choice is yours, but if you choose to post it, then the question is, where?

The Best Places On The Web To Share Your Meme

Reddit Memes

This is a great website to post memes. With over 25,000 subscribers, not a day goes by without a fresh meme. At that rate, your daily intake of memes will remain healthy and your output, even better.


This platform can be considered the home of all memes. 9 GAG is meme paradise. It's the centerpiece of a square pizza, it's the hub of the memelords. Once you start browsing 9 GAG, you might as well forget everything else. Literally! That place is addicting. You build your rapport on 9 GAG and you're set to become memelord with the other memelords.

We're sure after reading this article you would have understood that there is a science to making memes. We're also hopefull that you learnt a thing or two along the way and now are ready to make your own meme. So, ready your ideas and become the hero the memeverse needs and also the one it deserves. Happy memeing!

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Lisa M Smith Nov. 9, 2023, 12:31 a.m.

Thank you for your guide but it seems to me that there aren't that many users who use Photoshop to create memes. I don't mean to imply that Photoshop isn't a sufficiently powerful web software. Quite the contrary... Those who purchase Photoshop are usually professional designers or are studying to become one.. they are unlikely to face any difficulties in creating something as simple as a meme. My point is that it would be far more beneficial to see a guide on creating a meme using some free graphic tool - something less specialized than Adobe Photoshop.